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License type: Adware
Version: 3.01
Date Updated: NOV-06-2013

The greatest painters were not able to make their creations in a matter of minutes; it used to be a process that took days and even years. Nowadays, you cannot allow yourself the luxury of losing so much time. To get fast and amazing results, you have to resort to modern computers.

Arthaus Paint & Fotoshop is an amazing application which is capable of guiding the user in an image development process. With little creativity and enthusiasm you will be able to create beautiful designs that will be worth looking at.

Arthaus Paint & Fotoshop includes all the tools you may need. It has a simple and very interactive interface, specially designed for people who like being accompanied in critical stages.

Take the heart to express your wishes, fears and feelings through Arthaus Paint & Fotoshop, you may discover the artist in you.