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License type: Commercial
File Size: 272.32MB
Version: 1.6
Developer: Valve
Date Updated: MAR-27-2015

This amusing and exciting game for PC has become one of the most popular entertainments on line. In Counter-Strikeyou must choose the rol you want to play: yo can be a fanatic terrorist or an heroic soldier of the Armed Forces.

The weapons and characteristics of each carácter are different and special, so that you must choose the one you consider more convenient based on the game you are about to face. In Counter-Strike you´ll never be alone as you will always be a part of a party which must fight agaist the other till the last consequences.

If you believe that you can become a great warrior and be capable of defeating anyone who dares to challenge you, download and install now Counter-Strike, connect yourself to the Net and begin your rise to fame.