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License type: Freeware
File Size: 10.67MB
Version: 8.1
Developer: VicMan Software
Date Updated: AUG-14-2013

If you are looking for a photograph edition programme which is easy to use and which includes all the basic elements to perform different tasks in a simple way, your best option is, without any doubt VCW VicMan's Photo Editor.

To adjust the light parameters (brightness, contrast, intensity, etc), to change the size of the document, to correct small imperfections, to apply graduation of colours and to use diverse edition tools are only some of the possibilities offered by VCW VicMan's Photo Editor.

The interface of VCW VicMan's Photo Editor is similar to the one of other applications for the treatment of photographs which makes even easier to learn the manipulation on the part of the user; however the elements which conform the general design can be arranged in the way which is more comfortable to the operator.