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License type: Freeware
File Size: 67.29MB
Version: 5.0
Developer: MoD Imperial Praetorians 5.0
Date Updated: SEP-22-2015

To enjoy one of the games which marked a before and an after in the strategies simulation, wwe offer you an update which will surely amaze you. Give new life to your old Praetorians with this new implement which will make the delite of all users.

MoD Imperial Praetoriansis a complete modification which is installed on the original and which adds a great variety of very useful elements. New maps, more civilizations, alternative music, some general improvements and much more amusement are only some of the features included in this package.

If you know all the moves by heart and you want new sensations of adventure and action, your best option is to download MoD Imperial Praetorians and begin an epic battle against boredom and monotony.