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WirelessKeyView 1.34 (32 Bits) Free Download

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License type: Freeware
File Size: 64.46kB
Version: 1.34 (32 Bits)
Date Updated: JUL-18-2013

If you have a portable device and you usually navigate through different networks, it would be good for you to have WirelessKeyView: it is a tool that will allow you to recover access keys from your various connections so that you do not waste any time trying until you find the right one.

With this utility, you will be able to access the passwords of that the operating system saves for you to enter in an efficient way to the connection.

WirelessKeyView will give you the key to the wireless link you just need a couple of seconds and moves of the mouse.

With WirelessKeyView, you will know which is the network you are connected to (SSID), and the corresponding passwords (whether they are WAP or WEP) and much more.

This utility will give you an accurate detail about the wireless connections excluding the programs that are password protected.